Meetings – Daytime & Evening


2017-2018 Meetings & Fundraising Events

September 18          12:00 pm Tea,   12:30 pm  Meeting                Bourne United Methodist Church  

(10:45 am Board Meeting)

“Organic Gardening from the Ground Up”

Sue Lavallee, a passionate gardener and engaging speaker from Coast of Maine Organic Products, will discuss the importance of proper conditioning of garden beds.  Her program will include the 4 types of soil, the till vs. no till methods of gardening, the Soil Food Web, raised bed gardening and many helpful gardening tips.

Horticulture: Planting fall bulbs, special focus on garlic.

Artistic Design: Participants in the July Flower Show, “Endless Summer”, at the Heritage Museum and Garden share their insights.

Hospitality Chair:  Donna Pascarella
Committee: Laura Bergeron, Jody Bolton,  Janet Clay, Cheryl Keown, Paula O’Neil

September 20         6:30 pm Social,   7:00 pm Meeting         Bourne United Methodist Church 

“Member-to-Member Plant Swap”

Club members have been setting aside their garden surplus and will be participating in a Plant Swap this evening. 

Artistic Design:  Participants in the July Flower Show, “Endless Summer”, at the Heritage Museum and Garden share their insights.

Hospitality: Penny Bergson, Marilyn Crane, Maggie MacQuarrie, Grace Moore

JOINT MEETING (Only one meeting this month)

October 11           6:30 pm  Social,    7:00 pm Meeting              Bourne United Methodist Church

(5:30 pm Board Meeting)

“Recycled Beauty”

Ellen Callaway, a talented artist and photographers, will tell us about her mission to build awareness of recycling.     She wants to play a role in getting our Earth to zero waste.  Ellen will show some of her work and explain how it is impacting the recycling movement.

Artistic Design: Williamsburg design     Designer: Sally Zeghibe

Hospitality Chair:  Denise Walsh
Committee: Karen Cronburg, Connie Spilhaus, Diane Svenson, Kari Torpey, Betsy Woodley

November 13         12:00 pm Tea,  12:30 pm Meeting                    Bourne United Methodist Church

(10:45 am Board Meeting)

“MFA Art in Bloom Roadshow”

Aptucxet Garden Club’s past presidents, and presidents of other SE District garden clubs, will be invited to join us for our Presidents’ Day Meeting.  A floral designer from the museum of Fine Arts Boston will present a two-part program. A slideshow will give some of the background of Art in Bloom and show many of the past floral interpretations of the art in the museum.  Then a floral demonstration will be given, interpreting a reproduction of a painting in the MFA’s collection. 

Horticulture: Getting ready for the holidays:  how to force paperwhites and hyacinths.

Artistic Design: Ikebana Designs by participants in last month’s (October 14) design workshop.    

Hospitality Chair:  Jan Browne
Committee: Dot Carter, Meredith Chase, Sally Curtin, Joan O’Brien, Julie Saunders

November 15        6:30 pm  Social,      7:00 pm Meeting                 Bourne United Methodist Church

“A Summer of Garden Visits – Retrospective” 

Member Cheryl Keown will share the results of a very successful pilot program started this past summer. Club members opened their yards to one another to share mutual experiences, triumphs, and frustrations. In ADDITION, we’ll hear from goatherder, Meghan Hanawalt, owner of Get My Goats about a unique method of dealing with all-too-common “invasive” plants.  

Horticulture: Holiday bulbs: starting paperwhites and amaryllis.

Artistic Design:  Ikebana Designs by participants in last month’s design workshop.  

Hospitality: Denise Long, Pam Matheson, Joan O’Brien


November 29       6:30 pm  Social,   7:00 pm Meeting                 Bourne United Methodist Church

“Annual Holiday Centerpiece Workshop”  (members only please)

Create a take-home holiday centerpiece and make some for our Greens Sale too! There will be a few quick demos to spark ideas before we start a fun evening creating and chatting. PLEASE BRING: lots of greens, a container for your personal centerpiece, gloves, clippers and your holiday spirit. All other materials will be provided.

Hospitality: Janet Clay, Cathy Grant, Cindy Williams

Friday 4:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to Noon
Outside at the Briggs McDermott House Forge, Sandwich Rd., Bourne

December 11        12:00 pm Tea,   12:30 pm  Meeting                  Bourne United Methodist Church

(10:45 am Board Meeting)

“Pot Luck Luncheon and Holiday Memories”

All members are invited to our festive Holiday Luncheon. Bring a dish to share, punch and coffee will be provided. If you wish to participate in our traditional ornament swap bring an unwrapped ornament you have made or purchased ($5 or under) to the meeting. There will also be a “special” reading of  The Night before Christmas.

Horticulture: Horticulture gift guide.

Hospitality Chair:  Isabel Melo and Cindy Williams
Committee: Kit Nelson, Laverne Newman, Carolee Packard, Ann Palm

2018 Meetings

(Day Meeting only this month)

January  8           12:00 pm Tea,   12:30 pm Meeting                      Bourne United Methodist Church

(NO Board Meeting)

“Pruning Ornamentals, Shurbs and Trees”

Will Clark, of the Cape Code Master Gardeners, will give a presentation on pruning ornamentals, shrubs and trees.  He will discuss pruning techniques, timing, and will demonstrate how and when to use many recommended pruning tools.

Horticulture: Indoor flowering plants with special focus on camellias

Artistic Design: TBA    Designers: Jane Dalton

Hospitality Chair:  Bobbie Dwyer
Committee: Marilyn Crane, Amy Fenton, Isabel Melo, Kathy Sargent-O’Neill, Cindy Williams

(Night Meeting only this month)

February 21      6:30 pm Social,  7:00 pm  Meeting              Bourne United Methodist Church

(5:30 pm Board Meeting)

“The Entry Courtyard Garden”

Tom Strangfeld is back to talk about Entry Gardens. Do you realize that your front yard is the first room your guests enter?  Tom will show us a design approach that looks at the outside of our homes the same way we deisgn the inside. He’ll show us how this important area can offer greater enjoyment of space instead of being just more lawn to move and shrubs to shear. 

Horticulture: Great perennials with focus on hellebores

Artistic Design:  A design based on Jane Dalton’s January program.

Hospitality:  Nancy Guimond, Ellen Hammond, Anita Thacker

March 12          12:00 pm Tea,  12:30 pm  Meeting                       Bourne United Methodist Church

(10:45 am Board Meeting)

“Edible Landscaping and Getting to Know Your Birds” 

Paul Split, multi-talented gardener, cook, horticulturist and floral designer will present many of the highlights from the presentations he gave at the Boston, Rhode Island and Philadelphia Flowers over the past several years.

Horticulture: Getting a jump start on spring: forcing branches to bloom indoors.

Hospitality Chair: Alda Barron                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Committee: Jane Dalton, Barbara Daniels, Judy Loomis, Pam Matheson, Laurie York

March  14   6:30 pm  Social,  7:00 pm Meeting                       Bourne United Methodist Church

“Gardening is Murder”  

Author Neal Sanders writes about horticulture, garden clubs, and murder-a-bit like PBS’s Midsomer, American style! Author of many mysteries with a gardening theme, he also maintains a blog “The Principal Undergardener”, in which he reflects on his life as a spouse of well-known, avid gardener Betty Sanders and the many adventures on their two-acre farm in Medfield.

Hospitality: Irene Johnson, Kim Kane, Lisa Kenny

JOINT MEETING (Only one meeting this month)

April 11     6:30 pm  Social,  7:00 pm Meeting                           Bourne United Methodist Church

(5:30 pm Board Meeting)

“Let’s Contain it! – the Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers”

With May just around the corner, the excitement of choosing those perfect pots, urns, and flower boxes to fill with a profusion of bloom is consuming.  Our speaker, Elaine Johnson, will put her years of professional landscaping experience to work for us to help us choose which plants and what horticultural practices will ensure months of enjoyment. 

Horticulture: Berries

Artistic Design:  Designs that show how to achieve visual balance in an arrangement.    Designer: TBA

Hospitality Chair: Cathy Grant
Committee: Jan Casiello, Barbara Cavanagh, Lee Drugan, Pam Matheson, Claudina Quinn

May 12 PLANT SALE   9:00 am to 1:00 pm                       Pocasset Community Building, Barlow’s Landing Road, Pocasset

May 14 12:00 pm Tea,  12:30 pm Meeting     Bourne United Methodist Church

(10:45 am Board Meeting)

“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Roses”

Club member Julie Saunders is an avid gardener and a former member of the Rose Society of Barnstable. Julie will share her knowledge of and experience with growing roses. This talented English lady will give us tips on choosing, growing and caring for roses and show us gorgeous pictures of these “glorious blooms” in English gardens.

Horticulture: Fruit Trees

Artistic Design: Parallel Design  Designer: TBA

Hospitality Chair: Lisa Binda
Committee: Susan Dmochowski, Gloria Gammons, Judith Martin, Jayne Urso, Sally Zeghibe

May 16th    6:30 pm Social,   7:00 pm Meeting     Bourne United Methodist Church

“Get in Shape – Without the Gym!”

At this hands-on workshop, participants will experiment with basic principles of  design elements. Leading us is our own Carolee Packard, a past president and club member since 2000. Carolee claims not to be an expert but has taught before and competed successfully in many flower shows. You won’t want to miss this timely workshop!

Horticulture: Spring flowering shrubs with focus on the native Fothergilla

Committee:  Missy Fox, Cathy Grant, Nancy Selchan


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