Junior Gardeners

Junior Gardeners Program

In the spring of 2011 a new Junior Gardener’s Program was established at the Bournedale School.  This has been a very popular program with the students and in fact there were more signed up than could be accommodated.  Among their activities were making garden tiles and seed cards both of which are pictured here.  There were also some plants put into the friendship garden at the school.

First and second graders at the Otis Elementary School helped plant a small garden in front of their school sign and along the walkway.  Peebles Elementary School students were also very enthusiastic about their project to plant some drought resistant perennials at their school.  A raised bed in the circle in front of the school was planted with flowers, herbs and vegetables.  Middle School students at St. Margaret’s Regional School were excited to have the opportunity to plant flowers and learn more about horticulture.

In recent years, in addition to the above mentioned schools the Bournedale Elementary School also participates in the Program.

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